Saturday, December 11, 2010

John Mayall in Laurel Canyon

When I was in High School I really wanted to hear a lot of music. I had this book, which I have told you about before where it discussed most of the music that was out during the 60's. It talked about certain periods of music to certain styles as well. It even devoted it's chapter to some genres of music. In the 60's the British Blues scene was something that I wish was around to watch. I wish I was seeing the Yardbirds in 1963, or John Mayall with Eric Clapton or even seeing Savoy Brown or even early Fleetwood Mac tear up Blues scene. The book explained how vibrant this scene was. It gave me the reason to find that time machine.

In the book they talked about the famous album John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers Featuring Eric Clapton. They talked about how great that album was. Yea, it was great I bought it under that recommendation. I liked the Eric Clapton and John Mayall collaboration, but I wanted to hear more. According to the book I was reading it told me that some of his other albums were just as good. I needed to look for more of his material. I was also told that beside Clapton playing guitar he had other worthy greats over the years. Some of these people include Peter Green and Mick Taylor.

I was excited to find more of his material. For the longest time it took me a while to find some of these albums. If I did find them they were expensive. I really did want to hear more of his music. About the time I was a senior in High School I had a friend who's father was a John Mayall fan. He told me that he could make me copies of the two he had. I was excited to hear these. He had the album Hard Road and he had one called Blues From Laurel Canyon. When he made me tape copies he told me that they both are two completely different listening. He too said he wanted hear more John Mayall after Bluesbreakers and these to him where the best. I got home and quickly put these in my tape player. I could now understand his reason.

The music on both were amazing. I really wanted to find these for myself. I knew if I played these tapes too many times the tape would break. It did not take me long to find one of them. Blues From Laurel Canyon was a cheap find at a Tag Sale. The record was in great shape. Hard Road album is one I am actually still looking for. I have digital copy but I am still looking for a great physical vinyl copy. The music here is not overplayed, but it's better then that. It keeps on wanting you more. The music is really well done. As a young adult I really enjoyed learning about new guitar heroes and who to listen for. It was the reason Peter Green was in Hard Road that I got into early Fleetwood Mac. When I bought that greatest hits of Fleetwood Mac and seeing his name on inside of the album. Blues From Laurel Canyon was different. They had some young guitar player (merely a teenager) named Mick Taylor. It did not take me long to get into where he went after his quick stint with John Mayall.

Well, in the world of recommendations. I suggest Blues From Laurel Canyon. I know everyone has Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton. Blues... has a feeling of one continuous song and it is really great. Each person in Mayall's band is awesome and plays like it's there last moment on earth. It is also one of Mayall's best. Try this album and I am sure you will like it as much as I do. If you have a great stereo, the remastered edition is amazing. So go out and get this great album and afterwords you will understand why the Rolling Stones grabbed Mick Taylor to join the Rolling Stones. Enjoy!

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